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Brunello di Montalcino 2000 Centennial – Abbadia Ardenga

At the end of the 1800’s, the wine of Abbadia Ardenga was not only sold in various Italian provinces but also abroad. The winery participated in an interprovincial contest sponsored by the “Kingdom of Italy” and the “Chamber of Commerce and Crafts of Siena” with the 1900 vintage, and earned the third best aged wine […]

Abbadia Ardenga’s Bet – Abbadia Ardenga

In Tuscany, in old country houses, the peasants of the past used to make vinsanto. Every year they would open a keg, filled five years earlier, pouring out only few litres of liquid, which was a real nectar. Only the foreman was entitled to manage this treasure.

New importer for the states of Texas, Louisiana and Florida – Abbadia Ardenga

These three states are covered by our sales network. To order directly, request prices and shipments, please contact:

The “Società di Esecutori Pie Disposizioni”, owner of this estate, has been acknowledged as a non-profit organisation. – Abbadia Ardenga

CONGRATULATIONS!!! to the Society of Benevolent Works, owner of this estate, for having recently been acknowledged as a non-profit organisation. The Society was established centuries ago, around the 1500’s, to manage the assets of other people, who nonetheless often imposed restrictions on the management of their property, and the obligation to invest the money earned […]