The “Società di Esecutori Pie Disposizioni”, owner of this estate, has been acknowledged as a non-profit organisation. - Abbadia Ardenga - Abbadia Ardenga

CONGRATULATIONS!!! to the Society of Benevolent Works, owner of this estate, for having recently been acknowledged as a non-profit organisation.

The Society was established centuries ago, around the 1500’s, to manage the assets of other people, who nonetheless often imposed restrictions on the management of their property, and the obligation to invest the money earned in good works. The society thus took on the name of Society of Benevolent Works. Indeed, over the centuries, the society has always invested its proceeds to support the more disadvantaged members of the community.

Worthy of note are the total management of the former mental hospital, the many city villas donated to the municipality to be used as schools, and the numerous scholarships granted each year to deserving students at different educational levels. The society also maintains its museums and their collection of artworks and artefacts.

Over the last few years, the management completed the conversion of two ancient residential buildings into nursing homes for non-autonomous patients suffering from serious diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

This latest commitment in favour of the community has led the board of directors to aim towards becoming a non-profit organisation. At present, the Ciacci family that has run the Abbadia Ardenga il Poggio winery for over fifty years is even more proud to work for this society since its acknowledgement as a non-profit organisation.